Best Ways to Lose That Winter Weight Gain

The holidays are over, winter is winding down and the idea of your beach body is terrifying. I am right there with you, how did I pack on all these extra pounds and what am I going to do to kick start my weight loss? It’s a constant struggle we face each year, getting back into beach shape after neglecting our diets for months.

I have done this tango before and here are my favorite tips to getting into shape and kick starting your fitness plans.


Slowly make changes to your diet

It’s so much easier to make small changes to your diet than completely cut out all the bad things you eat at once. Figure out what you are eating that is making you gain weight and cut it out one at a time. I drink too much soda, eat too much fast food and eat late at night, so I’ll cut all three out over a week’s time. Doing this will improve my health vastly but I won’t notice it because I’m gradually changing.


Avoid high sodium foods

Sodium makes your body retain water and this you feel bloated and weigh more. Simply cutting out high sodium foods will cause your body to naturally shed water weight, which is the first step towards cutting weight.


Only eat with other people

Eating with others will stop you from binge eating and shame eating, which we all do, so stop lying.  Binge eating is when you consume lots of calories in a short period of time, which eating alone often allows. I try and eat all my meals with someone to basically save myself from overeating.


Chew more

Chewing more helps with digestion and it makes you eat slower, which automatically helps with over eating. Eating slow causes you to fill up faster and chewing slowly is a great technique to use.


Start with healthy breakfast

Beginning your day with a healthy breakfast not only fuels you for the day but also gets your metabolism going. Its also beneficial to drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up, this also kick starts your metabolism.


Eat smaller and more meals during day

The whole eating three square meals a day thing is out of date. It’s much more efficient to eat around five mini meals with a few 100 calorie snacks throughout the day. These smaller meals fights hunger and keeps you full of energy so you can tackle the day. Eating less at night also helps as these later meals just sit in your stomach all night.


Eat on smaller plates

A trick my wife and I use is tricking our minds. By using smaller plates, and filling them, we think we are getting more food than we actually are; it’s an optical illusion.   Try eating dinner on salad plates instead of dinner plates, I guarantee you eat less.


Don’t skimp on carbs

If you are trying to simply lose weight, u can skip the carbs, but if you want to build muscle, you’ll need that energy. Carbohydrates turn into easily burned energy if you are doing cardio.


Sleep enough

Sleep is crucial to your body’s recovery and getting enough makes your body run more smoothly. Its recommended you get 6-8 hours a night of restful sleep. That doesn’t count for mini naps and catnaps, its 6-8 hours straight to be most effective.



Walking is the best way to kick start your fitness goals. Walking gets your blood flowing and heart pumping, which is the first step to health. Don’t push too hard at first, ease your way into the workouts. Start slow the n continuously ramp up the workouts. You should be walking farther and faster each time, and then eventually you can hike or jog. Next step is the gym.


Start a workout plan

Starting a workout plan will keep you motivated and on schedule. Find a monthly workout to really get things going. I like to start with the squat and plank challenges. Each are a month long and they continuously ramp up the intensity. By the end of the month you are burning calories and on your way to fitness and happiness.


Set goals

Set attainable goals that you can reach every month or so, these goals will motivate you. Celebrate each goal and let people know, the motivation will continue to roll in.


Hopefully these tips keep the pounds falling off and we will all be ready for the breach in no time flat.


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