Best Summer Foods for a Diet

Weight loss isn’t some tricky equation, it’s actually pretty simple; consume fewer calories than you burn. By doing that, you can easily lose weight, but keeping it up is the hard part.  Anyone can eat fewer calories than they burn but keeping to a diet over the long term is where people have trouble.  With summer creeping in, expect hot temperatures and prepare yourself for some healthy eating with the perfect summer snacks.    

Higher temperatures mean it’s time to ditch those dense meals with their high calories and replace them with light and refreshing meals.   During the hot summer months it’s best to eat as much fruits and veggies as possible since these are low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber. Try eating these awesome summer snacks and you should have no issues losing weight.


Frozen Grapes/Blueberries

What’s better on a hot day than a cool, refreshing snack? Not much, that’s why I freeze grapes and blueberries for the hottest days. Simply give them a quick wash and toss in the freezer for that extra hot day. These make the perfect poolside snack for everyone. They stay fresh in the freezer and just explode in your mouth with intense flavor. Keeping these snacks on hand will stop you for reaching for the ice cream or Slurpees at 7-11.



Watermelons are made for summer afternoons and picnics. The ultimate summer food it’s basically half water, just right for those extremely hot summer days. Pre cut your watermelon and leave in fridge to help satisfy your cravings and keep you away from garbage snack foods. Try and eat less pre-packed foods in the summertime, as they tend to be worse for you.


Chilled Soups

Not much like a cold gazpacho on a torrid summer day. The refreshing summer soups keep you energized with the high nutrient levels without adding calories. Keep these soups simple with a few ingredients and your meal will be extra special. Start your meals out with a fresh cold soup and you will eat less overall and keep the diet going.


Grilled Veggies

Grilling outside is summertime and eating more veggies is only a good thing. Sure, meat on the grill is what we expect but who says you have to be predictable? Instead of your meat, try Portobello mushroom or some nice grilled peppers. Adding grilled veggies to your meal will keep you from gorging on meat and keeping a balanced diet.



Duh, salads are the best summer meals, as they are cold and good for you. If you make a good salad you can pack tons of awesome ingredients into your salad and you won’t miss denser foods at all. Add some fruits to make your salad a summer meal.


Low-Calorie drinks

Drink plenty of water and seltzer water to keep your empty calories to a minimum.  Stop wasting calories on beverages like blended coffees when a nice cold brew can suffice. Good diets are all about finding healthy replacements for the worst things you consume, many times these are beverages with wasted calories like coffee drinks and alcohol.


Fruit-based desserts

Steer clear of the ice creams and freezer pops with added sugar and stick to fruity desserts. Sweet tooth’s can be subsided with some tasty fruit desserts without adding tons of sugar.


Avocado Toast

The perfect summer breakfast has the high protein needed to keep you full without adding wasted calories.  


Diets are made over time but broken in one instance, so stay strong during the hot summer months and your fitness and health goals will all be met.