Best Exercises For Ditching That Belly Fat

Belly fat. It’s probably the one thing we all want to get rid of the most. But often it seems like the hardest thing to get rid of! Well, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll show you a few simple exercises you can do that are the most effective at burning belly fat.

But be careful. Doing these exercises alone won’t burn fat as quickly as you’d like. You also need to be sure to do some good cardio in addition to them and, of course, you need to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet. Diet is always key, people, never forget that! With that said, add these exercise to your existing cardio workout to burn that belly fat fast.


Ahh, burpees. Anyone that played any kind of sport in high school will be ecstatic to do this exercise again! Here’s the twist though; you’re going to do them backwards! Start lying on your back, then kick your feet up to the ceiling and use your momentum and your core to roll yourself up onto your feet. Then roll back down onto your back and repeat 15 times.


This is a great core workout that you can really feel. And it’s a simple one too! Start lying on your back and interlock your fingers behind your head. Then bring raise one knee and rotate at the shoulders to bring the opposite elbow to the knee. Right knee, left elbow… left knee, right elbow. You get it. Do this back and forth for two minutes.



Again, start by lying on your back, and interlock your hands behind your head. While keeping your legs straight, lift them up into the air together. Once in the air, twist your legs so that one is on top of the other, then slowly drop your legs to the lowest point you can while still feeling it in your abs. Then switch legs and repeat 15 times.


This exercise does not need to be done with a medicine ball or dumbbell, but if you’re up for a bigger challenge, holding one can definitely increase the burn. Start in a sitting position and lean back until you can feel it in your abs. With your hands together (or holding something weighted) reach to one side. Then bring it back up to its starting point and reach down to the other side. Repeat this 15 times to each side.


This can be a tough one, but that just means it’s a great workout! Start in your standard plank position. Then, rotate your body so that your left side is facing the ground and raise your right arm to the sky. Hold that for thirty seconds (I know it’s hard, but you can do it!) and then repeat on the other side. Do this as many times as feels comfortable.