Best Drinks for After a Workout

After an intense workout, your body needs to be replenished of all the nutrients burned. Replenishing quickly will help with recovery and aide in muscle development. Your body will lose vitamins and electrolytes through sweat and exercise burns carbohydrates.  It’s a tough to decide which drinks are best. 

It’s important that you fuel back up soon after your workout. Many people will grab a sports drink during or after some exercise, but those aren’t the best choice. Sure these sport drinks contain electrolytes but they are usually high in sugar and sodium. These manufactured beverages are never the best choice, so listen up people, because I’m about to drop some knowledge.

Try these beverages right after your workouts and ditch those sports drinks.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best natural replacement for sports drinks. Coconut water has tons of natural electrolytes and natural sugars, so it’s obviously better than say Gatorade. Coconuts are also packed full of antioxidants so you are double dipping with nutrients.

To top it all off, coconut water has up to five times the amount of electrolytes and potassium than your average sports drink.



Orange Juice

OJ is not the best drink for breakfast because of the high sugar content but its perfect for after a workout. The added natural sugars will aid in your energy levels after you just used up so much exercising. Unlike sports drinks Orange juice has tons of vitamin C, which will help with your immune system. Often times our bodies are more susceptible to catching an illness after workouts. Our bodies are so preoccupied with recovering that its immune system takes a back seat.

Try cutting the juice with some water to reduce the sugar and give you some good old H2O, which is always good.



Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is one of the hottest trends in fitness right now, because it has so much calcium and protein, both of which your body needs to recover.   The added carbs and sugars in chocolate milk help the body replenish all that was burned. Try drinking a 2% or lower milk, as whole milk may be too thick for right after a workout.



Yogurt is another great way to get protein back into your system soon after exercise. They make great drinkable versions of your favorite yogurts, so try those. The added cultures and probiotics will give your digestive system a great kick to help out.



Water is the best drink period, not just for after a workout. Everyone needs water to survive but most of us aren’t drinking near enough. Adults should drink at least 8- 8ounce glasses of water, but aim higher. I try to drink a gallon of water a day. It may seem like a lot but its very easy and I often drink much more.

Start your day off with a tall glass of luke warm water, as it’s easier to drink and absorbs quicker.  This will start your metabolism off early, so it’s beneficial to drink immediately after waking up.


Drink up friends and continue your progress, our fitness goals are all reachable if we push!


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