Baby Lamb Saved Thanks To Two Brave Little Girls

Baby animals are a lot like human babies. They require a lot of attention and care. If these animals don’t have anyone looking after them like their mothers or owners then they can get caught in some pretty odd situations. Sometimes they can get themselves into a lot of danger and they rely on someone else to help them out.
There have been countless adult animals saved by humans but one baby animal needed a little girl to come to its rescue. A baby lamb got stuck in an underground pipe at a free-range farm in Victoria, Australia. The ewe was hopeless and left to just scream for its life. Thankfully a little girl was playing with her friend and heard the lamb’s cries. Instead of just ignoring them like many kids might, the two girls alerted the owners of the farms and they came to try and figure out how to save the poor baby lamb.



The first thing they decided to do was grab some huge shovels and dig around the pipe. much-needed took a long time to do but they worked as fast as they could because the poor lamb was terrified and screaming the whole time. Eventually, the lamb went silent and the owners were afraid that the worst had happened. They figured that the poor baby had breathed its last breath. Now they thought the mission had failed, they just needed to get the dead lamb out of the pipe.
Marnie and Nick Zielinski then pulled out the circular saw so they could pry the edges open.


After a lot of hard work, they finally cracked the pipe open. Suddenly they heard one of the girls proclaim “I can see it…it’s still alive…it’s black!”


That’s when the owners knew that their efforts were not in vain. They actually were going to save this beautiful baby lamb. They cut a flap off of the pipe so that they could reach the lamb and pull it out to safety.


Amazingly, the baby lamb was okay but incredibly scared. The owners and children took the terrified animal and give it some much-needed love and attention. They washed the little guy up and gave him some delicious food to eat and water to drink. After a relaxing spa day, they let the lamb go back onto the farm and hopefully it learned it’s lesson and will stay away from all pipes from now on.


No one knows how this guy got stuck in the pipe, but thanks to its cries for help and the quick action of two little girls, this baby lamb lives to see another day.