Avoid these Five Fad Diets

Every year we are introduced to new diet trends that may sound like good ideas but these fads are worth skipping. In 2017 we welcomed in some seriously strange diets that promised incredible results, but just how healthy are these trends. We checked out the newest fads in diets and chose the worst five so you can avoid these like the plague.


Diet Pills

Now diet pills have been around for decades, I’m sure you all remember Fen-Phen. These diet pills were proven to cause heart problems and were subsequently taken off the market. There are new diet pills on the market everyday and they, just like Fen-Phen are approved for general usage. As we saw with Fen-Phen, pills that are initially approved can actually be very harmful to us. The biggest problem is these pills aren’t tested long term before they are put on the market, so if you feel comfortable being the Guinea pig then have at it. These fad diet pills are sold everywhere from online to next to registers at liquor stores.


Tea Detoxing

If you are on Instagram at all then you have undoubtedly seen these models pitching the “Diet Teas” that helped them get fit. These are all bullsh*t and should be looked at like they are scams. Its classic advertising, get an attractive female or male and have them pose with a weight loss tool. You see this and immediately think that this product helped them get trim, well, it didn’t and is just a fad that will be gone soon enough. The detoxifying teas you see everywhere do nothing and are just a placebo. They have caffeine so you will have energy for short periods of time.


6:1 Diet

This trend seems highly unsafe and generally unhealthy. The 6:1 diet consists of eating normally for six days, often changing nothing from your normal, unhealthy diet. On the seventh day, you fast and eat absolutely nothing on this day. You can drink water and that is it. Can you imagine fasting once a week, which seems rough? Never try one of these extreme diets without first consulting your physician.


Green Juice

Everyone wants you to try juicing and they all think it’s the newest and greatest thing. These people need to wake up because juicing isn’t going to fix your diet; it’s only a short-term fix. These juices may have tons of nutrients but they lack the fiber that is crucial to a healthy diet.


Clean Eating

The idea of clean eating vs. dirty eating is a dangerous road to go down. Classifying things as good and bad can cause an obsession with healthy eating. Sure its great to eat less sugar and processed foods but it’s the classifying as good vs. bad that is dangerous.


I think that you should eat the rainbow, every color of fruit and veggie, with some grains. legumes and meats added in. A healthy diet is making smart decisions more often that you make bad ones, it’s as simple as that.