Raul Lay

Eat these Fat Burning Snacks

America is a country full of snackers and these added calories are adding inches to our waists at alarming rates. How can we have our preverbal cakes and eat them too without gaining extra weight? Simple, snack smart and your weight will literally fall off. Sounds pretty appetizing doesn’t it? Yes it does.


Which Nut is Worth Cracking?

Nuts are excellent sources of protein and make great snacks, well at least most of them. Not all nuts are created equally so this helpful guide will help you decide which nuts are worth the crack. Don’t be fooled by some nuts healthiness, others may be terrible for you.

Nuts in general are awesome, they are packed full of nutrients, proteins and heart-healthy fats. This is a simple pros and cons list of all the nuts you’ll encounter.


Best Ways to Eat Smart

Eating smart doesn’t just mean counting calories and not eating processed foods, it means actively understanding why you are eating and enjoying every bite.  Eating smart will help you lose weight because instead of just counting calories you will have a better understanding of what you should eat and why. This understanding is the key to eating smart and taking control of your body. Here are the best ways to eat smart and make mindful decisions.

Always buy these Fruits and Veggies Organic

Which foods to buy organic usually comes down to your wallet, but now you should always buy these certain foods organic.   A report was just released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) about which foods had the highest amount of pesticides residue in them. The list is provided from the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen,” which are the winners and losers of this study. The EWG analyzed tests performed by the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration, so I’d trust these results.

Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes has some common warning signs like excessive urination, constant thirst and sudden weight loss or gain but some other lesser known symptoms can be signs of the disease. Keep an eye out for these serious signs of danger and get your diabetes diagnosed before it’s too late.