Joseph Stansfield

Stopping Yourself From Eating Out of Control

Eating is how we survive, but oftentimes we eat just to eat. How can we stop ourselves from eating out of control and maintain our diets? Weight gain and poor nutrition go hand in hand, it’s hard to keep the pounds at bay when we eat like animals.  Let's break the chains of these poor eating routines and try these interesting techniques to breaking behavior.


Best Ways to Lose That Winter Weight Gain

The holidays are over, winter is winding down and the idea of your beach body is terrifying. I am right there with you, how did I pack on all these extra pounds and what am I going to do to kick start my weight loss? It’s a constant struggle we face each year, getting back into beach shape after neglecting our diets for months.  I have done this tango before and here are my favorite tips to getting into shape and kick starting your fitness plans.