James Cherry

How To Wean Yourself Off Sugar

Sugar not fat is slowly killing Americans by flooding our reward centers in our brains and making our bodies work overtime. We need to wean ourselves off this addictive substance if we want to get healthy and have a better chance at a happy life. 

What you Eat May be Affecting your Heart

Many people don’t eat a heart healthy diet but did you know that your eating habits could affect your heart’s rhythm? Yes, it's true, certain foods and situations put your blood pumper at increased risk of having rhythm issues. Heart palpitations, murmurs, irregular cardiac beats and other similar problems can occur just because of the foods you eat or the situations you put yourself in.


Gym Rules for Rookies

Hitting the gym for the first time is intimidating. Obviously you don’t want to look inexperienced and act like a rookie, so here is a crash course to gym rules. 

What you Don’t Know About Bananas

A little known fact, bananas are America’s number one fruit and I’m here to show you why they are so amazing. You can eat bananas at any of the three stages of ripeness, green, yellow and brown. There are bananas out there being thrown away because they are too brown or just sitting there waiting to turn yellow. People, you can eat both of those nutrient packed fruits.