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Former Fat-Shaming Bully Apologizes on Reddit After Gaining Over 100 Pounds Himself

February 1, 2017 6:33 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

Sadly, body shamers are everywhere. In the last few weeks alone, trolls called photos of Simone Biles in a swimsuit "ugly" and "gross," Amy Schumer's social feeds were filled with hateful comments after she was cast in an upcoming Barbie movie, and Lena Dunham felt the need to defend her un-Photoshopped Glamour cover. Now, at least one body-shaming bully is trying to make amends […]

12 Strength And Flexibility Exercises US Olympians Swear By

February 1, 2017 6:32 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

For these Olympic athletes, 2016 was an epic year, and they’re definitely not slowing down. Here, Team USA reveals the strength and flexibility exercises and stretches they rely on to keep them at peak performance—in an Olympic year, or in between. Simone Biles, Gymnastics Share via Pinterest Paul Jung Biles, the most decorated American gymnast […]

Order An ‘Angel Shot’ At This Bar For Help Getting Home Safe

January 15, 2017 9:02 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

There’s a new drink at the Iberian Rooster restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, and it’s called an “Angel Shot.” What’s in it: A safe journey home. The restaurant recently put a sign in the women’s bathroom, encouraging women who are on a bad Tinder date or any date that’s making them “feel unsafe” to head […]

WTF Is ‘Phubbing’, And Why Is It A Problem In Relationships?

January 15, 2017 9:02 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

You know that annoying moment when you’re trying to talk to bae and he/she ignores you because they’re entranced by Instagram? There’s a name for that—it’s called “phubbing.” The term (which is insanely fun to say) is a mash-up of the words “phone” and “snubbing.” The word came to be in 2013, when a group […]

Learning How To Have Productive Fights Made Me A Better Wife

January 15, 2017 9:01 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

Growing up, the only thing I knew about being married came from the movies. This included a lot of romantic letter-writing and jumping-into-each-other’s-arms French kissing scenes. It also included passionate plate-smashing arguments. You can imagine that I’ve been sorely disappointed in some of my relationships.I come from a family of divorce. My parents, who remained […]

Nutella Doesn’t Actually Cause Cancer, So No Need To Freak Out

January 15, 2017 9:01 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

It’s no secret that Nutella, the popular hazelnut and chocolate spread, has a massive cult following. Instagram is flooded with people posting Nutella recipes, photos of themselves with the signature jars, and even artwork dedicated to the spread. Now, the brand is fighting back against claims that a major ingredient in its product causes cancer.Ferrero, […]

An EpiPen Alternative Could Be Coming To CVS, And It’s Cheap

January 15, 2017 9:00 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

If you’re looking for an EpiPen alternative, we have good news. Pharmaceutical giant CVS announced Thursday that it has partnered with Impax Laboratories to sell a generic epinephrine auto-injector for $109.99 for a two-pack—a dramatic cut from Mylan’s Epipen two-pack prices, which list for more than $600 as a brand name and $300 as a […]

How Stress Affects Your Sex Life—And What To Do About It

January 15, 2017 9:00 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

You’re no doubt well aware of the fact that stress isn’t good for you. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t just impact your mindset—it can impact you physically as well. “Stress can wreak havoc on a person’s body,” women’s health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D., tells SELF. “It can affect many different body systems and do damage if a […]

Here’s Why Counting Calories Really Isn’t Necessary For Weight Loss

January 15, 2017 8:57 pm Published by gp Leave your thoughts

As a registered dietitian, the thought of anyone counting calories, aka the energy you get from what you eat and drink, causes me to sigh audibly. Counting calories is a time-consuming, soul-sucking practice that’s actually a lesson in futility, as far as I’m concerned.Yet people continue to do it. They pull out their calorie-tracking apps […]