Ariel Gibson

Why Strength Training Is Important For Women

A lot of women hit the gym but very few women actually lift weights seriously. They tend to think that lifting weights is inherently a masculine activity and besides, not too many women want to get super buff, they just want to slim down and keep their body fit. Well, the benefits you could gain […]

A Guide To Buying Lube

The lube industry is bigger than ever these days and you could spend months checking options when you go lube shopping. But there are some things that are just hard to figure out when you go shopping for lube. How can you tell if your vagina is tingling in a good way or if you’re […]

Lesser Known Foods That Promote Healthy Eyes

Eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyes! Parents have told this to their kids for years and years. It always worked for me, because I wanted to have superpowers. I was convinced if I ate all my carrots that pretty soon I would have laser vision, x-ray vision and every other type of vision […]