Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

Sugar is bad for many reasons, it makes you fat, makes you diabetic and it is really bad for your heart. No matter how great it tastes, refined sugar is bad for your mind, body, and soul. However, a lot of people have no idea that they’re eating too much sugar and are living lives they think are healthy, but in actuality, their diet is completely to blame for many of their problems.

Are you someone who is unknowingly eating too much sugar? Here are some easily recognizable signs that your body is getting too many sweets and not enough happiness.


You just woke up and drank eight blended coffee drinks with whipped cream and you still feel just as tired as when you went to sleep last night. What’s the deal?

Well, those sweet coffee drinks are actually making you groggy. Sure, you might feel a rush right after you finish a sweet treat, but beware of the impending crash that awaits your body. The sugar crash is much more intense than the rush. So if you’re walking around feeling tired all day, that is probably a sign that you’re eating too much sugar.


If you’re eating a lot of sugary snacks, then you are probably eating foods that don’t really contain much nutritional value. That means you can eat a whole bunch of them and still feel hungry. In fact, sugary snacks can even displace the good food you have eaten and make your body alert your brain sooner than normal that it is time to eat again. One sugary snack will lead to more and more sugary snacks. So if you just can’t seem to stop eating, you might be eating too much sugar.


Are you the most contagious person in your office? If you can’t seem to get through the cold season without staying sick for about 90% of it, then you might be eating too sweet of a diet. That’s because sweets are your immune system’s enemy. In fact, it suppresses your immune system, inviting those nasty germs right inside your body.


Depression and anger are both linked to excessive sugar intake. So if you simply cannot control your mood swings your overly sweet diet may be to blame. A spike in blood sugar has been known to turn the sweetest angel into the nastiest demon. So keep the sweets away, so people will continue to like you for you, and not dislike the sugar-fueled demon inside of you.


If you’re no longer losing weight then look at your sugar intake. The calories we eat are very important, and if you’re filling your body up with a bunch of sugar-filled empty calories then your body will soon be packing on the pounds. Instead be smart with the calories you eat. Re-evaluating your diet is always a good idea to make sure you are staying on track with the lifestyle you want.