Are Screens Causing Eyestrain?

In the modern world, screens are becoming part of our lives but are our eyes being damaged. Most computer, phone and TV screens emit blue light, which has been shown to cause eyestrain. On average Americans spend 9 hours staring at screens and it’s beginning to become an issue. Let’s take a look at eyestrain and its symptoms and causes so we can all enjoy screens without doing serious damage.


Blue Light

Blue light is the spectrum of light that is the most harmful to our eyes, because it’s not blocked by either the cornea or lens. It goes directly to the back of the eye and this is where scientists are split, how does it damage the eye. Some believe it can damage the retina and cause macular degeneration, but it’s just a theory. What they all agree on is that long hours of staring at screens like at your job can cause digital eyestrain or Computer Vision Syndrome. Blue light has also been shown to suppress Melatonin, the natural hormone that relaxes your body and gets you ready for sleep. So that is a reason why it’s important to stop watching TV, looking at computers and phones about a half hour before bed.


What is Eye Strain?

Eyestrain is a common ailment categorized by blurry vision, tired and red eyes, headaches and trouble focusing. It’s similar to muscle strain as in any situation, if you use a muscle too much it will begin to weaken and become strained. Your eyes are basically muscles and after awhile of focusing on something they need to relax or they will begin to be over worked.


Tips to relieve eye Strain

There are simple ways to alleviate eyestrain, so follow these guidelines.


Take a break

Just take a break every few hours and close your eyes for a few moments. You don’t need to take mini naps, just simply close your eyes for a minute or two every couple of hours and you can drastically reduce eyestrain.

Another technique is the 20/20/20 rule. Basically every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look at something that is at least 20 feet away. This will relax your eye muscles and help reduce eyestrain.

Also its important to blink, I know this sounds stupid but you would be surprised how often people forget to blink.


Light reducing applications

There are plenty of applications you can download that reduce the amount of light and some even filter out the dangerous blue light. Try the “Nightshift” mode on your Iphone to help with the glaring light.

If you are trying to fall asleep, skip the TV and try reading a book instead, the low level light will slowly relax your eyes and get you ready for a good night’s rest.



Try some BluBlocker lenses to fully block the harmful blue light. These are also dope looking glasses with the amber lens that all the ladies love. Some people prefer transition lenses that slowly transition from sunglasses to regular sunglasses but always block out the blue light.