Americans Waste Way too much Food

Americans waste up to 40 percent of the food we buy at grocery stores according to a report by the National resources Defense Fund. That’s an alarmingly high rate of waste, so how can we curb that? We have all read articles online about how to make your bananas last longer and other life hacks, but things still go bad.

We may all be buying too much at the grocery store and somehow need to lessen our overbuying. Making a list is a great start but we really should be prioritizing our shopping and cooking with less waste.

It’s important that we all try and use what we buy not just for the environment but also for your wallets sake. Let’s explore some creative ways to stretch your food and use every last bit.


Wilting greens in freezer

Once you notice your leafy greens have begun to wilt, don’t fret; just toss them in the freezer. Use these in your next smoothie for a healthy kick.


Cook veggie waste into stock for soup

We all toss out vegetable butts and stems, don’t lie. It’s ok, so do I. But have you tried tossing them in a stock pan with some water and making your own broth? Homemade vegetable soup is a great way to use every last bit of your veggies.


Buy bread on sale and freeze it

Shopping on sale is the best way to save money but can often lead to more waste. Try buying bread when it’s on sale and freeze what you don’t immediately need. Then when you want some bread, simply take it out and leave in fridge for a day, it’ll de-thaw slowly and be ready to nibble on.


Stale bread becomes croutons

So your sale bread went stale, what are you going to do know? Throw it away, heck no, now you have perfect croutons in the making. Dice up your stale bread into cubes, drizzle some olive oil and herbs and place in oven for 10 minutes on 350 degrees. Boom! You have fresh croutons for your salad.


Spiralize broccoli stems

Don’t have a spiralizer? Get one, immediately, you’ll thank me. These are great at taking veggies and making healthy pasta options. You can make your own curly fries or veggie chips at home. Take your unused broccoli stems, don’t lie, we all throw them away, and repurpose them. Simply spiralize your broccoli stems and now you have some healthy pasta just waiting for any sauce.


Potato skins into chips

Don’t throw away all those potato skins you peeled, instead toss them in some oil and bake for tasty chips. Skip the deep fryer and save yourself some calories.


Ginger belongs in freezer

Some foods like Ginger should always be kept in your freezer. They are much easier to handle frozen and last up to 10 times longer up there.


Mix in mushrooms to stretch meat

Do you find yourself using way too much meat to feed your family? Then try mixing in some chopped mushrooms into your ground meat. This will stretch your value far and your family won’t notice.


Make your food last and let’s stop being so wasteful.