Which foods to buy organic usually comes down to your wallet, but now you should always buy these certain foods organic.   A report was just released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) about which foods had the highest amount of pesticides residue in them. The list is provided from the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen,” which are the winners and losers of this study. The EWG analyzed tests performed by the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration, so I’d trust these results.

Pesticides find their way into agricultural products and can affect everyone, especially children and older people. Children are very susceptible to pesticides in their foods so parents should take extra care to avoid foods high in them.

Taking the top spot for the second year is strawberries. These little red flavor bombs also pack plenty of pesticides. The highest levels found in a strawberry had over 20 different pesticides in one berry. Out of season demand has made strawberries so bad recently. Sourcing from out of the country and the need for stronger yields has made farmers go crazy with pesticides.

Our bodies are too important to fill with pesticide-ridden foods, so check out this list and make notes.

You should stop buying the non-organic versions of these fruits and veggies. Both lists are included here, so make you shopping list accordingly and stop shopping with your wallet and use your brain instead.



The favorite starch of America is laden with pesticides. Grown in the ground so they soak up much more pesticides from groundwater and runoff than other veggies.

Sweet Bell Peppers

Not the green varieties but the sweeter ones. So check yellow, red and orange peppers off your non-organic list and go non-pesticide please.


Who doesn’t love a nice slice of tomato on their sandwich? Well, mark this as a no go, also avoid at restaurants that you know aren’t shopping organic.


Celery is another veggie that spends plenty of time on the ground soaking up all that sweet, sweet runoff pesticide.



Grapes and non-organic wine should be avoided if you want that pesticide out of your life. Also, stop giving your baby wine, you maniac.


Pears are high on the list for all pesticides.


Not the Georgia peach. Yup, the sweet fruit often found in Georgia has way too much pesticide per bite. Always buy them organic.


Formerly the top fruit with pesticides, strawberries knock them off again. Avoid their skin as it has the highest levels of pesticide.


The tasty fruit is number 3 on the list.


Avoid that bargain basement spinach as it’s packed with pesticides. The veggie has a real problem with bugs so farmers lay on the poison heavy.


Taking the top spot this year again is strawberry. These little buggers are so popular that their demand all-year has risen recently. This increase makes farmers have to produce them out of season and often they are sourced from other countries, many with less strict pesticide regulations.

Make sure you shop organic for all these on the list.

Now this next list can be bought non-organic, so your wallet should be happy.


These are the Clean fifteen

These foods are safe to buy from any seller, organic or not as they have the least amount of pesticides.  

Sweet Corn





Sweet Peas





Honeydew Melon