A Picture Of His Wife Accompanies 93-Year-Old Man At Every Meal

Once you find your true love you should be sure to never let it go. There is only one love of your life and when you find them it is hard to imagine life without them. Sometimes things don’t always happen the way you expect and that is certainly the case for Clarence Purvis a 93-year-old man who recently became a widow after over 60 years of marriage. Adjusting to his new life was hard, but he never forgot the woman who made him the man he is today. The 93-year-old Clarence Purvis went above and beyond to keep the cherished traditions he held with his wife by bringing a picture of her along to every meal.


Clarence met his wife Carolyn in 1948 in Glennville, Georgia where he still lives today. He was 24-years-old when they met and she was just 16. Immediately they knew they were destined to be together and they married just one year later. Some people might think that is too young of an age to get married, but they were married for over 60 years until Carolyn sadly passed away. When she was alive, Clarence and Carolyn loved to dine at the delicious Smith’s Restaurant. Now that she’s gone, Clarence still heads over there for lunch but instead of bringing Carolyn, he brings a framed picture of her so she can still join him for their favorite meal.


The happy couple loved to dine at this restaurant all the time and Clarence did not let her passing stop their traditions. However, bring a picture is not all Clarence does, he also visits her in the Glenville Cemetery four times a day. This is a man who goes above and beyond to respect the woman he married and honestly, nothing could be sweeter. He says that Carolyn would let him move on if that is what he wanted, but he wants nothing else than to keep her by his side and her memory as fresh as possible.


He knows that Carolyn is the only one for him and he has no interest in trying to find anyone else. Clarence is lucky to have found Carolyn and he reminds himself of that each and every day. He misses his beautiful wife but he spends each and every single day paying homage to her. I’m sure she is looking down and smiling on her awesome husband. Life is very hard after losing a partner that you’ve spent over 60 years with. The best way for Clarence to keep going is to live his life as if she never left and the best way to keep her from leaving is to keep pictures of her with you wherever you go.

Clarence was lucky to find the love of his life and through these examples of devotion, Clarence is still showing you can tell that Carolyn was a pretty lucky lady, herself.