The lube industry is bigger than ever these days and you could spend months checking options when you go lube shopping. But there are some things that are just hard to figure out when you go shopping for lube. How can you tell if your vagina is tingling in a good way or if you’re having an allergic reaction? Do you even want your vagina to tingle during sex in the first place? What are the chemicals in lube?

That’s why we decided to inform you of all things lube so that you can glide right into the aisle and pick the right lube for you.



Water or oil?

Oil-based and water-based are the two main different branches of lube. Are you an oil girl or a water girl? Hopefully, you’re a water-based girl because oil-based can’t be used with condoms. So if you plan on keeping your sex safe, then you’ll want to keep your vagina water based. Oil-based lubes have been known to make condoms crack or break which is really not that cool. But the bad news about these oil-based lubricants doesn’t end there. Oil can actually change your pH level which can lead to an infection of the vagina.



Easy clean

Guess what, we’re not done talking smack about oil-based lubes. See, oil-based lubricants are extremely hard to clean from your body, whereas water-based lubricants clean right up naturally. If you use an oil-based lube then your vagina may feel oily which will lead you to try and soap it up. Well soaping up down there is a bad idea because that too will throw your pH levels off. Peeing after sex is always a good idea too, just in case you want to ensure that you don’t catch a UTI.



Keep it simple

The fewer ingredients in your lubricant the happier your vagina will be. Surprisingly, these products are not FDA-regulated, so anyone can throw anything into a bottle and call it lube. I know, it’s terrifying.

So when you buy lube make sure you first read the ingredients on the back. You want to make sure you’re buying legit lubricant and the fewer ingredients it has, the more legit it is.

Make sure there’s no alcohol in there. Anything that ends in -ol on the back of your lube will mean it has a disinfectant on it which will kill the good vaginal bacteria that can lead to a yeast infection. Alcohol actually dries up your vagina, which kinda defeats the purpose of using a lubricant.


Why do you need lubes?

If you’re post-menopausal then lube is most likely needed because you have very little estrogen left. But if you’re a younger woman and you’re not creating some lubrication of your own then you may want to talk to a doctor or your partner. If your partner isn’t doing anything to arouse you naturally then maybe a new partner is in order, not a lubricant. Howeveyouryou’re partner is doing a great job arousing you, but your vagina still just isn’t getting there on its own then talk to a doctor and find out why lube is necessary for you.