7 Foods you Should Never Freeze

If you are like me, then you don’t have enough time in the day. Whether you are driving the carpool, taking kids to after school activities or just running errands, how do we do it all in a day? We cut corners; we shave time off of everyday things, like shopping for groceries. How can we keep food fresh without going to the grocery store every other day? We freeze food so it lasts and we have it readily available.

My freezer is full of stuff because my family shops at these bulk discount stores and we don’t want to throw away perfectly good food. This is a common issue I hear today and honestly I never knew that some foods shouldn’t be frozen. We freeze everything, but now that I’ve done some research, I know that these 7 things should never be frozen.


Eggs in the shell

I once put whole eggs in the freezer because I had bought too many and didn’t want them to go bad, well I was in for a surprise. I opened the freezer the next day and my eggs had exploded all over the place. What a mess and a waste of perfectly good eggs. Instead of freezing whole eggs, crack them and put opened eggs in an ice cube tray. They will stay fresh for over a year and you won’t come back to a mess. Plus they are ready to be used, just thaw them in fridge for a few hours.



What, you can’t freeze gravy? Well, you can but anything that is thickened by flour or cornstarch will separate if frozen. Who wants a broken sauce? It’s ruined; you may as well just throw it away. If you want to save some turkey gravy, instead save the components separate. Take the turkey juices and drippings and split it in half. Make your gravy that you plan to eat with dinner with one half then freeze the other half. This turkey drippings will freeze just fine and when you are ready to eat more gravy, just thaw and make a rue, mix with drippings and you got yourself some tasty gravy.


Soft cheese

Don’t freeze your cream, cottage or goat’s cheese, because these creamy cheeses will break when frozen. It’s always ok to freeze harder cheeses like cheddar and parmesan because they molecularly can handle it. When a softer cheese is frozen it’s broken molecularly and cannot be repair, so you might as well toss it in trash. Freezing hard cheese is a great way to cheat the expiration date.


Cooked pasta

Freezing cooked pasta is never a good idea. When you try and thaw the frozen pasta, it will get very soggy and soft. If you must freeze pasta, make sure it is very undercooked so that when you reheat it, the pasta can finish cooking and won’t be too soggy. It’s still better to not freeze pasta at all, especially since uncooked pasta can last for years and tears.


Fried foods

Fried foods don’t handle freezing very well; they will end up soggy and lose all its crispy fried goodness.   Fried foods should never be frozen unless they are flash frozen like when you buy frozen chicken nuggets. Flash freezing eliminates the moisture that ruins frozen fried foods.


Cream based products

This is similar to the gravy, never freeze cream based foods, because they will break and be gross. Keep sour cream, yogurt and custards out of your freezer. If your sour cream is nearing its expiration date, it’s better to have a fiesta and make some Mexican food, than to try and freeze it.


Fruits and veggies with high water content

Don’t try and freeze your fruits and veggies that have high water content, because they will end up very soggy when you try and thaw them. Keep melons and lettuce out of your fridge, they will be ruined for sure.


Keep these foods out of your fridge and you should have no problems thawing your dinner.



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