6 Warning Signs that you NEED more Protein

We all need protein, it’s our body’s building block, so if you don’t have enough, you will know. Our cells are created and repaired by protein, it’s essential to a healthy body.   Protein deficiency can seriously damage your body and its homeostasis.

The human body is a beautifully amazing piece of machinery, if something is lacking, it will tell you. Listen to the body’s warning signs and you will be better off.   American’s in general get enough protein; you don’t generally see protein deficiency in developed countries. But even a small deficiency can affect your body and if you need it bad enough, your body will tell you.

How much protein should you eat? The amount you should take depends on your age, weight and sex, but a general rule of thumb is divide your weight by 3, that’s how many grams of protein you should consume. If you weigh 150 pounds, you should put away roughly 50 grams of protein daily.

Low calorie diets usually skimp on protein and that is a mistake. We should all make sure we eat enough protein, as its crucial to cell repair and development.

These 6 warning signs shouldn’t be dismissed, be aware of your body and you will know when things are out of whack.


Hair is falling out

Oh boy, if your hair is falling out or thinning, this is a classic sign that your protein is low. I’m not talking about male pattern baldness, that’s a whole other set of issues. Hair is essentially protein; it’s made up of keratin. So, if you are noticing that your hair is thinning, you may need protein in your diet. When your body gets low on protein, it stops none essential functions like hair growth and instead stores excess protein. Your body is amazing, just listen and it will tell you what’s wrong.


Weak and thin nails

This goes along with the hair thinning issue. Your nails and skin are maintained by protein, remember, protein repairs dells and your skin is made up of cells. If you notice that your skin gets flaky or you have rashes, these could be signs that you are low on protein.   Nails grow with protein, so it they are weak, it’s a good possibility that you need protein.


You get sick often

Your immune system runs off protein, the cells that repair other cells are powered by protein. When you get sick your body goes into overdrive trying to expel all foreign viruses or bacteria. Without protein, your body can’t defend itself and you get sick.


Always feeling tired

When you don’t eat enough protein, over time your body will begin to break down muscle to try and build up it’s protein storage. If your goal is to get healthy and strong, not having enough protein is detrimental.

If you consume enough calories in a day, you won’t feel weak, but slowly your body will be depleting your muscle mass for protein banking.


Incessant sugar cravings

When you eat a meal that is heavy on carbohydrates and light on protein, your body will try and regulate its sugar levels. This constant sugar spiking and dropping will make your body crave more sugar, telling you that you need protein to equal out your system. It is important to eat carbohydrates with protein so that your body can digest everything together and thus operates more efficiently.


Craving protein

Like I said earlier, your body is a wonderful machine and will tell you when it needs something. If you crave protein, I guarantee that your body needs it. If you want some chicken, eat it, you most likely need that protein and don’t know it.


I always listen to my body; it knows what it needs when it needs it. You should know when you feel different so act accordingly and live a healthy life.



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