It’s time to simplify dieting and break it down to its most basic fundamentals so you can actually get healthy and stay that way. Stop trying trendy diets, they never work long term and are often too difficult to follow strictly. Lets loosen up the straps and really find a groove with your healthy lifestyle. The hardest part about losing weight is keeping that weight off once you stop the diet. So the key is to never go on a diet and instead learn healthy eating habits combined with a sustained exercise program.

These 5 rules should become your guiding force to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Eat Real Food

This seems pretty simple: stop eating processed foods altogether and start eating whole, real food. Sounds easy, but it’s harder than you would imagine.   Real foods are vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and nuts that are unprocessed. Simply avoiding processed foods like fast food, frozen or canned and foods with added sugars will make you healthier. The more fresh, real foods you eat the better and obviously you don’t have to completely cut out processed foods, but the less you eat the better.


Never Eat in Front of TV

Eating in front of the TV is a sure fire way to overeat and mindlessly stuff your face. It’s not hard to stop watching TV for 20 minutes while you slowly eat your dinner. Focusing on what you are eating allows you to feel full faster, stop over eating and know what’s going into your body.

Another awesome rule for TV is you only get to watch TV for the same amount of time you exercised. So if you worked out at the gym for an hour, you can watch an hour of TV.


Attainable Goals

Setting attainable goals is an important aspect to weight loss and overall health. Reaching a goal makes everything seem better, no matter how hard it was to get there. Starting out by saying I want to lose 100 pounds is a huge goal that will take a long time to reach, so start small. Set a goal that you know you can reach quickly, try 5 pounds, once you reach that step it up again. Amp up the next goal to 10 pounds and so on and so on. Maybe do a fitness goal, say you want to start jogging, start off small. First goal should be running a mile without stopping, and then maybe go a little longer or quicker, you get it.


Stop Eating Out

You won’t lose weight eating out all the time. Use eating out at restaurants, as a reward for reaching a goal and you will enjoy it much more. Restaurants want customers to return so they add butter, sugar and other unhealthy things to meals so they taste good. These added calories really add up and can ruin any healthy diet. Prepare your own food, you will know exactly what you are eating and how many calories you eat.


Exercise Consistently 

Exercise, exercise and more exercise. Weight loss is simple; consume fewer calories than you burn, that’s it. There isn’t anything else to the equation. Keep up a solid workout routine, maybe try working out 3-4 times a week, that’s a reachable goal and it’s easy to keep up long term. Sure some weeks you may only workout twice, but as long as you are consistent long term, you will stay healthy.