5 Tips to Losing the Last Five Pounds

It’s been said a million times but those last 5 pounds are always the hardest to lose. The first five pounds just fly off and the last couple always seems to stick to the bone. Why is it so hard to lose those final few pounds and how the heck can we shed them? I scoured the interwebs for strange techniques and odd tactics to lose those final few fat cells. Experts and amateurs alike all have their own strategy for reaching your weight goals, so here are my favorites.


Lose your FitBit

I’ve always been a fan of these personal tracking devices, because they generally are very beneficial to one’s weight loss journey. Many times people read too much into the data these devices collect and don’t look at the actual amount they work out. Sure 10,000 steps is great but if those steps are done running, it’s going to be more beneficial. People rely far too much on these gadgets to do al the work. Some even think that just wearing them is going to make you lose weight. WRONG!

These FitBits are just a tool to help with your weight loss journey; the effort still must be present. Another reason these end up being a detriment is that they allow users to think they’ve done enough instead of working out until they are tired.   Just because you reach the 10,000-step mark doesn’t mean you can stop working out, but that is why many people stop their workouts.


Sleep to lose weight

It’s been studied over and over again, people that sleep less are usually heavier. So sleep actually does help you lose weight. I’m not saying you should sleep for 20 hours a day, but I am saying that your body needs time to recover and rehabilitate itself after workouts. Less sleep also raises your stress levels and as we all know, it’s almost impossible to lose weight when you are stress eating.

Doctors say we should sleep between 7-9 hours a night, but as long as you feel rested when you wake up, you probably are getting enough.


Don’t restrict your diets

Restricting your diet will work for some time and will definitely help you lose weight? The difference is that when you are trying to lose that final five pounds, an even more restrictive diet won’t helps. Instead, increase the duration or intensity of your workouts; this will push those final pounds right off. Many people tend to eat less after an extreme workout, so doing this will hit both birds with one stone.   Basically, don’t eat less; workout pore and you won’t want to eat less. When you restrict your diet, you crave more and have more opportunities to break your diet.


Alternating fasting

I’m not advocating you to stop eating altogether, that’s unhealthy. What I am saying is fasting more short periods of time every few days to help your body shed weight. There are plenty of fasting diet plans out there, I like the weekend fasts. This is where you eat your normal diet for 5 days then on the weekend; you cut your caloric intake to 25%. This may sound extreme, but we are trying to shed those final pounds, so you have to get tough.

Try a mini fast and see if it works for you, just do it healthily and smart.


Lift Weights

Most people who are trying to lose weight tend to stay away from lifting weights and stick to aerobic and cardio workouts. Lifting weights is a great way to switch it up and trick the body into thinking it’s doing something new. Your body will begin to get used to cardio and aerobic, so changing it up will burn calories fast and help you get those pesky five pounds outta here.


Best of luck dropping those last five pounds, it’s not easy, but if you grind hard enough, anything is possible.



Photos courtesy of HBFit, YouTube, mirror, nodiet, Dr.Jockers, Intermediate MD

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