2017’s Most Popular Healthy Food Trends

Food trends come and go that’s why they are trends and not mainstays. Where do they come from and why are they so popular? The answers aren’t always so simple. It was only a few years ago that Kale jumped on the scene and now it’s everywhere, same with Quinoa. These trendy foods are often healthy and remain popular because they are awesome. What’s going to be the next Kale or Quinoa? Let’s explore the hottest foods of 2017 and see what may stick around for a while.



You can’t eat out now without Avocado being offered on the menu, many times at incredible mark ups. In super trendy Los Angeles I’ve seen Avocado Toast on a menu for over $11 recently, that’s toast and avocado for $11. Crazy, but that item was flying off the shelf. The incredibly healthy super food is trending now but I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.



Edamame is just immature soybeans still in the pods, but once steamed they become little flavor bombs that are oh so tasty and oh so healthy. Longtime staples at sushi bars, these little popular appetizers are a great snack and sure to stick around for a while.



The Hawaiian delicacy has made it across the big blue to the mainland and is taking us by storm. Poke is basically sushi rolls all mixed up in a bowl, and the results are delicious. It’s been referred to as Hawaiian raw fish salad but it’s so much more Imagine all your favorite ingredients in sushi plus a few more interesting add-ins. This healthy meal is also much more affordable than most sushi. Try a poke bowl if you are ready for the taste of the Hawaiian Islands.


Everyone is pickling stuff nowadays and it’s a great throwback. During wartime, pickles and pickling anything way popular because it lengthens the lifetime of food. Now people understand the power of vinegar, which is a huge aspect of pickles. Pickles have been around forever and are not going anywhere, so get on this pickle train already people, the ride is delicious.



Sticking with this pickle train, Radishes are growing in popularity, especially in the pickle world. You’ll find pickled radish on most Asian menus and it’s gaining traction in other culinary avenues.



Tofu makes the list this year as people are straying from meat and the health issues surrounding meat. Tofu has been around for years but now chefs are finding new and exciting ways to use the soy-based product. Be careful how much soy you consume, as too much can have negative effects.



The Vietnamese soup is gaining popularity and gaining fans. The rich broth and wide variety of ingredients makes pho a tasty dinner choice. Filled with rich flavors rarely found in Western cooking, pho is opening up our taste buds to new adventures.



Everyone loves cucumber, and it’s not just for eye care anymore. The elegant vegetable has many applications and can be used in different cuisines. Try them in your salad or juice for optimum results. A nice slice in some ice-cold water can make your day as well.


These are the hottest food trends right now so which do you think will stick around? There are some real contenders in this list so get eating and keep it healthy.